Online-Talk with Stéphanie Baechler and Fanni Fetzer, Director Museum of Art Lucerne

Fanni Fetzer, Director of the art museum Lucerne is discussing with the textile designer and TaDA resident Stéphanie Baechler about understandings in textile, concepts of materials and practical work, history and legends. You will discover in-depth information about the findings of Stéphanie Baechler during her residency and her experience with the textile industry in Easter Switzerland. (in German)

Spinnerei 2020
Livestream, Novembre 2020

What happens when creative people from different disciplines engage in a direct exchange of ideas with entrepreneurs from the textile industry? What happens when artists test machines and processes? And how are innovation, luxury and sustainability connected? The new TaDA Textile and Design Alliance residency programme was launched in September 2020 in Eastern Switzerland. Over a period of three months, the five residents from different disciplines – Stéphanie Baechler, Alexandra Hopf, Oliver Maklott, Selina Reiterer and Quang Vinh Nguyen – worked with various companies in Eastern Switzerland. On 4th December, they will give insights into the processes and projects that were developed during the first TaDA residency. In the afternoon, experts and residents will discuss the topics «innovation and luxury», «sustainable production» and «sufficiency – the view from outside».

The German word "Spinnerei" signifies both a spinning company and the ideas that stretch the imagination and are easily dismissed as nonsense.

Introduction, Marianne Burki, Head TaDA
2:36 Introduction program, Meret Ernst, Moderator
5:22 Stéphanie Baechler
39:35 Alexandra Hopf
1:18:59 Selina Reiterer und Oliver Maklott
2:06:18 Quang Vinh Nguyen
2:32:53 Wrap up of the Morning, Marianne Burki
2:34:26 Introduction TaDA and welcome to the roundtables, Marianne Burki and Meret Ernst
2:42:20 Sufficency - in Praise of Frugality? Input David Abraham
2:56:10 Discussion with David Abraham, Nina Bachmann, Alexandra Hopf, Stéphanie Baechler
3:18:40 Sustainable Production – Many Roads. Input Andreas Heydasch.
3:39:54 Discussion with Andreas Heydasch, Joana Jorge, Christophe Guberan, Quang Vinh Nguyen
4:11:25 Innovation and Luxury. Input Christine Weder
4:20:41 Discussion with Christine Weder, Veronika Aumann, Martin Leuthold, Selina Reiterer und Oliver Maklott
5:05:52 Thank you!