Talk at the exhibition The Bigger Picture and opening event of the special presentation Textile Industry & Artists in Residence

With Marianne Burki, Head of TaDA – Textile and Design Alliance and other guests

The special presentation Textile Industry & Artists in Residence will showcase a selection of recent works by residents and open a window into the TaDA funding program from April 21 to June 18, 2023.

Meet: in the exhibition on the 1st floor.

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From 21st of April to 18th of June 2023 the special presentation Textilindustrie & Artists in Residence at Gewerbemuseum Winterthur offers an insight into the TaDA pilot project, which was launched in 2019 by the cultural offices of Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Thurgau and St.Gallen. Textile Industry & Artists in Residence delves into one area of the exhibition The Bigger Picture: Design - Women - Societ

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Sustainable production?

This year's Spinnerei* aims to explore questions on sustainable production in the textile industry. Experts from various disciplines will put their projects and ideas up for debate. Moreover, current TaDA residents will present the initial results of their three-month collaboration with their partner companies. Artistic interventions add a further dimension to the TaDA Spinnerei, which is held in cooperation with Empa, TaDA's partner organisation.

The event begins with a guided tour through the Empa premises. The focus is to be on those labs that are used most intensively by the TaDA residents. Next, the artists and designers involved will present insights into the projects and processes that have developed out of the collaboration with their partner companies. Two workshops will then be held in which important questions regarding sustainability in production are to be discussed together with the audience.

TaDA Textile and Design Alliance is a pilot programme by the cultural promotion agencies of the cantons of Appenzell Ausserrhoden, St.Gallen and Thurgau. It builds on encounters and collaboration between representatives from the world of culture and the textile industry. Through an international call for applications, the programme invites practitioners from all arts disciplines to a three-month residency and brings them into contact with textile companies in Eastern Switzerland. The goal is to stimulate new ideas and approaches with regard to creativity and production in both domains.

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How does a long-term approach work in the textile and fashion sectors? And what connections are there between sustainability and social issues? These questions are to be discussed by:

18.00 – 18.40
Sabine Portenier, fashion designer, Switzerland
Otto Rummukainen, artist, designer, Finland (TaDA resident)
Nelli Singer, textile designer, Germany (TaDA resident)
(discussion in German)

18.40 – 19.25
Susanne Rudolf, Fashion Revolution, Switzerland
Ana Micaela Fernández Martín, artist, Spain (TaDA residency)
Victoria Manganiello, artist, designer, educator and organiser, USA (TaDA residency)
(discussion in English)

19.25 – 19.35
Closing remarks with Mandana Roozpeikar, Director of Textilmuseum St.Gallen

Moderator: Marianne Burki, Head of TaDA

Coordinator: Martina Lughi, TaDA Assistant, supported by Marius Quilibier, TaDA Intern

The talks will be held in English and in German.


Sabine Portenier runs the company Suburban Collective, which is active in the field of fashion design, interior design, consulting and interior architecture. Her previous positions at HUGO in Italy and Germany and Didier & Angelo in Paris were formative for her current work. She is also a guest lecturer at various universities. Sabine combines traditional craftsmanship with economically and ecologically responsible product development and local production. This has earned her a lot of recognition in the scene. Among other things, she has twice won the Swiss Federal Prize for Design, the Grand Culture Prize of the City of Thun and the Goldener Hase award from the architecture magazine Hochparterre.

Susanne Rudolf
is the Swiss Country Coordinator of Fashion Revolution, the world's largest movement for fair and ecological fashion. With a degree in ethnology, she has proven knowledge in the areas of marketing, fundraising and campaigning thanks to her work for various companies and non-profit organisations. She is now using this experience to establish and promote the concerns of Fashion Revolution in Switzerland.

TaDA residents:

Ana Micaela Fernández Martín is a multidisciplinary artist from Santander, Spain, specialising in connections between drawings and fabrics. She is constantly searching for new forms of graphic expression that connect illustration and weaving, treating the latter as a storytelling medium. Through painting and drawing, screen printing, stamping, engraving and other preparatory and finishing processes, she brings fabric to life as a canvas for artistic creation. In 2021, Ana Micaela Martín earned a degree in Fine Arts and Fashion Design with two honourable mentions from the University of Vigo and from ESDEMGA (Galicia). She currently teaches direct intervention methods on natural textiles at Factoría Cultural (Avilés, Asturias).

Victoria Manganiello is an American artist, designer, educator and organiser working primarily with textiles. Her recent projects explore themes in women’s work, technology and food. She studied Art History at Skidmore College und earned a Master's degree in Art Education & Community Practice at New York University in 2015. Following her residencies at the Icelandic Textile Center in 2021 and the Australian Tapestry Workshop in Melbourne 2022, TaDA is pleased to have her here now in Eastern Switzerland. Victoria Manganiello's work has been exhibited internationally in Europe, Taiwan and the USA at venues including Tang Museum (2022), Museum of Art and Design (2019), Bozar (2020) and Ars Electronica (2020). Further commissions have come from Wave Farm, the S&R Foundation, the Center for Craft, the Wallstreet Journal, Harvest Works and the Air Gallery. Since 2017, Victoria Manganiello has been a professor at New York University and Parsons School of Design.

Otto Rummukainen is a multidisciplinary artist working on the interface of art and design and is based in Finland. He gained a Master's degree in Fashion, Clothing and Textiles at Aalto University. During his studies, he engaged in ceramics and glass art besides textile design. Instead of offering audiences a predefined viewpoint, he encourages people to discover their own. In terms of form, Rummukainen's art is informed by the naïve style of children's drawings. Regarding content, however, he deals with deep and often dark issues. Especially the ups and downs of life are at the heart of his work, where he conjures up fictive worlds that allow viewers to briefly escape their everyday life.

Nelli Singer is a textile designer with a focus on active materials research based in Germany. Her interest is in innovative material structures and the experimental process of their design. Her creative work is characterized by its interdisciplinary approach involving design, art, architecture, natural sciences and technology. Nelli Singer gained a Master of Arts in Textile and Surface Design at the Weissensee school of art in Berlin. Since September 2020 she has been part of the Cluster of Excellence "Matters of Activity". Exhibitions of her works – "knitted active wooden structures" – have been shown at the Humboldt Forum under the heading "Active Curtain" and as "Stretching Materialities" in Tieranatomisches Theater.


The first round of residents selected for TaDA in the programme's third year will present the results and processes of their stay in Arbon and the collaboration projects undertaken with textile companies in Eastern Switzerland.

Introduction by Giovanni Carmine, Director of Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen, and Marianne Burki, Head of TaDA

Presentations by the residents:
– Olaniyi Rasheed Akindiya, artist, TaDA resident
– Laura Deschl, Social designer and art researcher, TaDA resident
– Edit Oderbolz, artist, TaDA resident

In his performance activities, Olaniyi R. Akindiya Akirash reflects on the contrast between rural and urban life, revolving around social traumas and subjectivities. He investigates the role of textiles in African society and in relation to economic trade with Europe. During his residency, in cooperation with Pro Helvetia Johannesburg, he collaborated with several TADA partners to create new mixed-media works.

Edit Oderbolz researched the role of fabric as a membrane between public and private. During the residency, she worked among other things on the curtain – a recurring object in her work – as a textile element at the interface between interior and exterior.

Laura Deschl experimented with embroidery, industrial weaving, printing and 3D structures on textiles. Her main installation "Inherited Feelings" is related to her research on therapeutic textiles. She has developed a fabric that contains hundreds of small massage spheres, thus creating a stimulating body experience.

Moderator: Marianne Burki, Head of TaDA

Coordinator: Martina Lughi, TaDA Assistant

The presentations will be conducted in German and English

Followed by an apertif


Textile production is characterised by a pronounced global linkage. How is this reflected in the industry's day-to-day work and how have processes changed in recent years?

These questions will be discussed by:

– Olaniyi Rasheed Akindiya, artist, TaDA resident
– Laura Deschl, social designer and art researcher, TaDA resident
– Edit Oderbolz, artist, TaDA resident
– Detlef Fischer, CEO Textilcolor AG, Sevelen
– Roman Wild, curator of science and research projects at Textilmuseum St.Gallen
– Marianne Burki, Head of TaDA, moderator

Coordinator: Martina Lughi, TaDA Assistant

The discussion will be conducted in English.


The event will be held in German. Registration is requested by May 20, 2022 to sik@sik-isea.ch. The number of places is limited. Participation is free of charge.

Edit Oderbolz and Markus Müller talk about the perception and transformation of space and material with Marianne Burki (art historian, head of TaDA – Textile and Design Alliance) and Isabel Zürcher (freelance art historian and author Kunstbulletin); welcome Patricia Bieder (SIK-ISEA). Followed by aperitif

Villa Bleuler Talks

A cooperation of the Swiss Institute for Art Studies (SIK-ISEA) and Kunstbulletin

Within the framework of the Villa Bleuler Talks, experts question Swiss artists about their artistic practice. Using selected examples of works, social, technical and scientific aspects are discussed. The starting point for the series of events is the basic work of the SIKART Lexicon and the Swiss Art Archive as well as the Kunstbulletin.


Black History Month Belgium x Please Add Color
presents 2 group shows : ASSEMBLY (An Assembly of Years in Arts) curated by Kevin Kotahunyi

Benjamin Mengistu Navet, TaDA Resident from September to November 2022, will present new works made during his residency with the support of the TaDA partner company Lobra AG.

Opening Saturday 5 March, 18:30
Ballon Rouge Gallery, Place du Jardin du Fleurs, Brussels

Click here for more info.

Aartists: AmatDe La Gueye; Anthony Ngoya; Bayunga Kia Leuka; Benjamin Mengistu Navet; Carl Knight Hultin; David Katshiunga; Deniz Pasha; Dion Rosina; Emilia Chinwe Brys; Eugenie Boon; Gilles Njaheut Valer; Hedy Tjin; Inès Eshun; Joseph Munyao Mutuku; Kenan Vanel Lamiel; Kenneth James; Khalil Joseph; Lisa Uchechi ljeoma; Marc Martha; Nokukhanya Langa; Pol Oliver; Samuel Lemba; Shamisa Debroey; Wes Mapes; Zoè Nkwuge


What makes textile companies in Eastern Switzerland grant artists and designers from around the world access to their machines? And what is the outcome of this kind of collaboration? The second TaDA Spinnerei* will once again present results and processes from the TaDA Residency 2021 programme. After that, textile company representatives and a market researcher will conduct a round-table discussion on new trends in textile production – and what multidisciplinary work has to do with these trends.

TaDA Textile and Design Alliance is a pilot programme of the cultural promotion offices of the cantons of Appenzell Ausserrhoden, St.Gallen and Thurgau. It aims to initiate exactly these kinds of encounters between cultural practitioners and the textile industry. Through an international call for applications, the programme invites practitioners from all arts disciplines to a three-month residency and brings them into contact with textile companies in Eastern Switzerland. The goal is to stimulate new ideas and approaches with regard to creativity and production in both domains.

Important: to attend the events you are required to present a valid Covid certificate and register here.

* The German word “Spinnerei” signifies both a spinning company and ideas that stretch the imagination and are easily dismissed as nonsense.


Textildruckerei Arbon, Textilstrasse 2

Insights into the production processes with the TaDA residents Sonia Li, Benjamin Mengistu Navet, Tobias Kaspar, Andrea Winkler and with Martin Schlegel, Textildruckerei
Moderator: Marianne Burki, Head of TaDA

Transfer to Textilmuseum St.Gallen by a Saurer Oldtimer bus

Textilmuseum St.Gallen, Vadianstrasse 2

Welcome by Martha Monstein, TaDA board of trustees, and Marianne Burki, Head of TaDA
Moderator: Meret Ernst, design specialist
Presentations by the TaDA Residents, results and processes
– Sonia Li
– Andrea Winkler
– Benjamin Mengistu Navet
– Tobias Kaspar

Round Table Discussion – Textile trends
Moderator: Meret Ernst
Keynote: Nina Burger, Senior Research Manager, GIM suisse(Gesellschaft für innovative Marktforschung); Peter Trinkl, CSO Saurer AG; René Rossi, Wissenschafter, Empa; Martin Leuthold, textile designer

Performance by Selina Reiterer and Oliver Maklott, TaDA Residents 2020

Followed by an apéro riche


Textiles fulfill a wide range of functions in nearly all walks of life. They can be adjusted to the most diverse contexts, be it architecture, fashion or medicine. High-tech materials and traditional lace are produced side by side. What is required of textiles nowadays? And how can textile companies develop in such an environment?


Peter Trinkl, CSO Saurer AG

Andrea Winkler, artist, TaDA resident

Sonia Li, artist, TaDA resident

Ilona Kos, curator Textilmuseum St.Gallen, head of the Collection & Library department,

Moderator: Marianne Burki, Head of TaDA

Coordination: Martina Lughi, Assistant TaDA

©Photograph: Sonia Li


Please bring your Covid-Certificate and your ID.

Information: info@tada-residency.ch


Peter Trinkl is an engineer and has an MBA. He is Chief Strategy Officer and CIO of the Saurer Group, and has over ten years’ experience in the textile machine industry. He is currently responsible for the strategic orientation, business development and digitalisation of the Saurer Group. Previously he worked in the telecommunications and other high-tech industries. He has extensive experience in heading blue chip and start-up companies as well as being a member of various boards. Formerly he held global management positions at Siemens, e.On, Cablecom, Orange and Swisscom. In addition he was a partner in an international Merger & Acquisitions firm, and Advisor for a Venture Capital Fund.

Andrea Winkler studied Visual Communication in Hamburg and Fine Art Media in London. She is interested in spatial scenarios and reruns of set pieces from daily life; her works range between installation, sculpture and «objet trouvé». These object collages and scenic complexes reflect her interest in theatricality, commodity fetishism, in safety and usability awareness. Her works have been displayed in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad, gaining many distinctions. In 2019 she received the Innogy VISIT Award and the promotional grant from the UBS Culture Foundation for her research on post-digitalisation and new materialism.

Sonia Li is a Taiwanese-American artist living and working in Brooklyn. Growing up in more than one country, the exposure to different cultures shaped Li's empathetic approach and innate sensibility towards universal expressions of humanity. She works with installation, performance and social space. Linked to stages of personal transformation, she turns metaphors of internal dialogues into multi-sensory experiences, brought alive by her use of technology, blending physical materials with digital tools to break the invisible divider between the artwork, concept and viewer. She participated in international exhibitions, among others at Centro Cultural FIESP (Brasil), Naves Matadero (Spain), CADAF NYC (USA). Her videos are in the exclusive online Elementum.art collection. In 2018 she was awarded a grant from the Taiwan Ministry of Culture and the Chen Yung Memorial Foundation.

Ilona Kos has been curator at Textilmuseum St.Gallen since 2018


New materials, innovative production processes, smart technologies, interesting traditions. The world of textiles is constantly subject to new developments. Sometimes it is about traditional materials being processed by new production methods which will bring unexpected possibilities. And where should the new material take us in the future?

17.30 - 19.00

These questions will be discussed by:

Domenica Tischhauser, textile technician, Tisca

René Rossi, scientist, Empa

Benjamin Mengistu Navet, TaDA resident

Barbara Karl, science and research projects, Textilmuseum

Moderator: Marianne Burki, Head of TaDA

Coordination: Martina Lughi, Assistant TaDA

©Photograph: Benjamin Mengistu Navet


Please don't forget to bring your Covid-Certificate and your ID

Information: info@tada-residency.ch

Venue: Lounge of Textilmuseum St.Gallen, Vadianstrasse 2, 9000 St.Gallen


Screen printing is an ancient technique. Very few companies still practise screen printing by hand. What significance does handicraft have in present-day textile production, in an environment of high-tech materials and industrial manufacturing processes?

Martin Schlegel, Textildruckerei Arbon

Tobias Kaspar, Künstler, TaDA Resident.

Stefan Aschwanden, Direktor ad interim, Textilmuseum St. Gallen.

Moderation: Marianne Burki, Leiterin

Coordination: Martina Lughi, Assistentin TaDA.

Photograph: Ladina Bischof

The discussion will be conducted in German.


Please don't forget to bring your Covid-Certificate and your ID

Venue: lounge on the ground floor of Textilmuseum




Tobias Kaspar, based in Zurich and Riga, is an artist working in contemporary art with a strong interest in fashion and textiles. Kunsthalle Bern and Verlag der Buchhandlung Franz und Walther König published an artist’s monograph on him entitled “Independence” in 2020. Over the last decade, Kaspar has realized numerous solo exhibitions at locations such as Kunsthalle Bern; Kunsthalle, Sao Paulo; Cinecittà Studios, Rome;Kim? Contemporary art Center, Riga, Latvia; Midway Contemporary Art Center, Minneapolis; Peter Kilchmann Galerie, Zurich, and Galerie Urs Meile, Beijing. With ”Rented Life”, Tobias Kaspar has ented out his life for 2020/21 to twenty subscribers and is currently preparing the homonymous museum show due to open at Mamco, Geneva, in summer 2021.

Martin Schlegel

Stefan Aschwanden


On Friday, 4th December 2020, from 10.00 to 17.00, the annual TaDA Spinnerei event will take place (TaDA's second public format besides the residencies). It will be streamed live on www.tada-residency.ch/livestream. The TaDA residents will present the initial results of their stay, followed by discussions with experts. The talks will be moderated by Hochparterre editor Meret Ernst and TaDA programme manager Marianne Burki.

What happens when creative people from different disciplines engage in a direct exchange of ideas with entrepreneurs from the textile industry? What happens when artists test machines and processes? And how are innovation, luxury and sustainability connected?

The new TaDA Textile and Design Alliance residency programme was launched in September 2020 in Eastern Switzerland. Over a period of three months, the five residents from different disciplines – Stéphanie Baechler, Alexandra Hopf, Oliver Maklott, Selina Reiterer and Quang Vinh Nguyen – worked with various companies in Eastern Switzerland. On 4th December, they will give insights into the processes and projects that were developed during the first TaDA residency. In the afternoon, experts and residents will discuss the topics "innovation and luxury", "sustainable production" and "sufficiency – the view from outside". The debate can be accessed by live streaming.

Residents 2020
– Stéphanie Baechler, Artist and textile designer, Fribourg (Switzerland)
– Alexandra Hopf, Artist, Berlin (Germany)
– Oliver Maklott, Media artist, Vorarlberg (Austria)
– Selina Reiterer, Artist and textile designer, Bregenz (Austria)
– Quang Vinh Nguyen, Product designer, Lausanne (Switzerland)

In cooperation with the following TaDA partner organisations and companies
– Brubo GmbH, Speicher
– Empa, St.Gallen
– Lobra AG, Thal
– Rigotex AG, Bütschwil
– Saurer AG, Arbon
– Schoeller Textil AG, Sevelen
– Sitterwerk, St.Gallen
– Textilcolor AG, Sevelen
– Textildruckerei GmbH, Arbon
– Textile Museum, St.Gallen
– Tisca Tischhauser AG, Bühler

Guest experts
– David Abraham, Fashion designer, Abraham & Thakore, New Delhi
– Veronika Aumann, Professor for Textile Design at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart
– Nina Bachmann, Head of Technology and Environment, Swiss Textiles
– Christophe Guberan, Product designer, Lausanne
– Andreas Heydasch, Economist, EPEA Switzerland
– Joana Jorge, Project Manager Moda Lisboa
– Martin Leuthold, Textile designer, President of the TaDA Board of Trustees, Eastern Switzerland
– Christine Weder, Assistant Professor of Modern German Literature, University of Geneva


Vexer Verlag in the studio of Josef Felix Müller: lectures, premieres, books presentations, editions, music and art. Alexandra Hopf, artist from Berlin and TaDA Resident 2020, talks about her book concept. All TaDA Residents 2020 and the TaDA team will be present.

Full programme on: